Munchkin Fun: Glow in the Dark Bath Time!

Anybody who loves ideas has, by now, probably at least heard of Pinterest.  I know I love it and sometimes when I go to look at one thing I've pinned, I find that I'm sucked and two dozen and a half pins later, I'm like...wait...what am I doing again?

I've been in a weird creative slump for about a year (could it be that I have a toddler?) and suddenly I find that through Pinterest, I'm inspired, excited and more motivated to craft, try new recipes, and do fun things with my munchkin! (If your interested you can see all my pins HERE.)

Things like this glow in the dark bath idea!

I pinned the idea and one of my friends mentioned that she tried it with her kids and they loved it!  So...while at the Target dollar section before Halloween I grabbed up some glow sticks for a buck. After a messy pumpkin carving night, we put her in the tub and threw the glowsticks in!  She loves the tub anyway, but she had a ton of fun with this!  She wouldn't put the pink one down!

Unless she gets really dirty from something, I only give Hannah a bath about once a week, so, I like making bath time a fun, memorable time that she can look forward to.

Any fun bath time activities that you and your kiddos have had fun with?

(Glow stick bath idea via FFFFOUND!)


Trapper and Suzy said...

I like that idea!!! I can't wait to try that now. I have to write that down or I'll forget.

Tanya said...

my kids whine at me when I say it's times to get out when I do this! whoever had the idea first is a genius!

Brianna Tuckett said...

How fun!! That looks like a BLAST! :)