dream home date night.

The other night Connel and I took some down time and had a little date night.  We decided to write down some plans for our dream house.  I've heard some couples say that if they ever built a home together, they would need three people...him, her, and a marriage counselor.  Ha ha!  Everyone has their own style, and Connel and I each fit our own mold for sure, but we were surprised to see some of our tastes were quite similar!

I like the country/cottage/craftsman look quite a bit...and Connel really likes the southern colonial/Georgian look.  We both really like the look of this one...

The House Designers | Highland House Plan

I like the one story look with a basement, but, we agreed on a 2 story with a basement.  The master and children's bedrooms upstairs, the living areas on the main floor and the guest and "extras" in the basement.

It was interesting how the largest "issue" was the entryway and stairway.  Connel would like a grand entry with a large rounded staircase.  Like this:

I told him that I'd like to feel less like Daddy Warbucks (staircase-wise at least ;).  I'm okay with something elegant, but just a little more simple and less formal.  Something like this:

Source: via Laura on Pinterest

or this:

Anyway, we spent way too long talking about just the stairs, and agreed to think about it later!

We dreamed about the yard...this is where we agreed on just about everything.  We are both adamant about having a truly landscaped yard.  More than a just a row of bushes in front of our house.  We want water features, areas of trees and plants, a garden, deck, play area.  You know like you see at the home and garden shows?  Ya.  Like that.

I NEED to have a front porch with a swing.  This is not optional people.  Must. have. porch. with. swing.  Or shall we call it the veranda?  And of course, the best setup would be to have a house somewhere in the country where we could look out and not have huge trees or other houses blocking the view. 
House Beautiful

We talked and dreamed and planned for about 3 hours and we didn't even get to anything else.  We still have to plan the interior layout and the kitchen, office, laundry room, number of bedrooms and bathrooms, etc!

Okay, okay, so this all sounds very greedy doesn't it?  I feel a little silly posting all my worldly desires on my blog, but I guess if you want to get to know the real me...hee hee hee.   It may or may not ever get built, but it is sure fun to dream!

Oh, c'mon!  Don't tell me we're the only ones that dream! :)  What are your dream house plans?

P.S. If your "pinterested" you can head over to my boards and see what other details I have in mind for our future home! :)


Trapper and Suzy said...

That sounds like fun!! And I agree with you on the front entry way with the stairs. Connell's idea is a little too much for me. Some of my dreams for a home are things like a wrap around porch with a swing, a library with a reading nook built into the wall for my reading pleasure, a big kitchen with all the top appliances and a big island and granite counter-tops, and....that's all I can think of right now.

Ashley said...

that's so funny! I like the daddy warbuck's appeal. haha. just kidding. I hope you get everything you want out of a home one day. And as for the landscaping, all I have to say is that you are your father's daughter! =)

Mom said...

Make sure you have lots of kids to help clean and take care of it!

Josh and Krystal said...

Love it! Josh and I were talking about houses as we drove to and from church last Sunday. We drove by some beautiful ones. We see the southern Georgia style every day-gotta love it. I was supposed to come home and sketch some ideas...hmmm, that hasn't happened yet. Not that we are building a house any time soon, but just for fun :)
Hope you guys are doing great!

Tanya said...

I think about my dream house all the time. I LOVED the exterior or the house you pictured. and I liked Connell's staircase, but not on both sides, I like it on one side and then on the other side have an open hallway. OR, having the rounded stairs on both sides but instead of going up, they're going down, I've seen that and I liked it too. I liked yours too, I really like the first one but the second one reminds me of the ones I have now, and I don't want that again. (not that it's bad or anything, I just want something different) I could go on forever talking about houses. I've actually thought about becoming a Realtor just so I can look at houses all the time =) that would make me very happy!

Ashley said...

Nick and I have done this together and we were surprised at our similar tastes, too. Someday...I will live in my dream home...

The Beck Bunch said...

Brian and I have been trying to figure out how we want to add on. No marriage counseler needed! ;)