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Happy Friday!  It's raining here and we are having a day at home doing laundry, cleaning and reorganizing a little bit.  Once again, here are some fun finds from my week...

Walk Tall, You're a Daughter of God, was one of my most favorite songs growing up.  I remember singing it with as group of LDS Young Women in sacrament meeting.  I have been searching for songs about daughters and I found it the other day sung by this little lady...Kalli Jackson, she has a beautiful voice and in this Album she is accompanied by Marvin Goldstein...


stand alone player

("Walk Tall" is at the bottom of the playlist)

I'd love to purchase her album.  Absolutely beautiful!
Hannah has been showing interest in the potty lately and so, I have had potty training on my mind.  The other day Heather @ the Coterie Blog shared her potty training advice.  I know everyone's potty training experience is different, and I am sure that it's hard work...but I liked that she emphasized being extremely consistent!  Anyway, I stored it away for future reference, I'm not quite sure I'm ready for the potty train quite yet!

Baby Bjorn

I usually don't wear a ton of makeup, I just don't like it all caked on my face, but I do wear a minimum amount and I love to get tips and advice for when I do.  The Dating Divas (you know I love them) shared a guest post tutorial by a make-up guru friend of theirs.  I loved her tips on contouring...interesting, I never knew!

The Dating Divas | Your Guide to a Flawless Face

I ran across Grace is Overrated and love her journal pages that she puts together!  Cute and quirky. Love it!
Grace is Overrated | Journal Pages

My daughter LOVES to read.  She loves to be read to before nap, before bedtime, throughout the day, and she likes to take a book to bed!  I think it's wonderful!  I've been hoping to make or buy some kind of a book display so she can easily choose a favorite or discover a new one!  I loved this idea from Martha Stewart.  It's pretty, simple and I can switch them out every once in a while.  Plus, my husband said he could make it in about an hour!  Love that man and his talents!

Martha Stewart | Children's Bookshelves

One last thing...I have gone through my husband and I's memory boxes and keepsakes and I ended up chucking some things that I have been holding onto forever.  After reading this post from Small Notebook, some of it just didn't have the same nostalgic appeal as it did before!  Of course, I'm extremely sentimental so I still have a large 4 large rubbermaid totes, full of stuff for Connel, Hannah and I, but it's better than the 7 or so we had before!

Small Notebook | Holding on to Sentimental Things

Have a great weekend!

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