here we are.

Sitting here, watching the rain, drinking herbal tea.  Sounds so romantical doesn't it?  I thought it would be, there are even birds flitting outside my window.  It's the perfect blogging setting and I knew that I just had to take advantage. 

I have a headache and don't feel like folding laundry...and as I plopped down here and started to write, I spilled my peppermint tea all over me and (almost) my computer.  Twice.  I will no longer be sipping beverages while I try to type, and I will no longer try to be romantic in the rain.  At least not with my laptop.

So how are ya'll out there?  Are you there?  I'm here.

I'm going to talk about priorities here.  And my kid.  You know.  I find that having a child and watching her grow older right before my eyes has brought me a bit of perspective.  Especially when I have to weigh what is most important and what is not.  Mostly, I've just realized that more time needs to be concentrated on that little one I love so much.  Not that I don't spend time with her, it's just that sometimes...I get distracted.  I find myself weighing what's most important and making the wrong choice. 

Sometimes I just get lost in housework (who am I kidding...get lost in housework?  Who does that?)  I know the housework does not take care of itself, but I am sure I could trade that couple hours that I spent on Pinterest and Google Reader during naptime and take that time to vacuum and do a dish.  So then, when that time comes and she's asking me to play, I will be able to do spend time without feeling guilty that I haven't completed housework.  And yes, I include her in the housework, but cleaning with an almost 2 year old actually goes slower...did you know that?  I'm sorry but I like to hurry and clean so I can go do something fun.

I should do it.  Just cut myself out of this virtual reality.  No pinterest, no facebook, no blogging.  But...I am weak.  Anyways...Will all that "extra time" that I make by cutting myself off will suddenly get filled up with "more important" tasks?  Who knows.  I am not perfect.  I have good intentions that sometimes get thwarted by my...personal interests.  Maybe you know how it is?

Do you "effectively manage" your online time?  how? 

Some input would be nice.


Jamie said...

I find I have to lower my standards when it comes to housework because when I really want my house to be clean, I get angry with my kids for messing it up again. My husband says cleaning a house with kids is like brushing your teeth while eating oreos. After a particularly frustrating Saturday of yelling at them to clean up, I told my hubby to take us out for dinner because I didn't want to dirty up the kitchen. We went to a restaurant that had a lot of signs on the walls. On the way to the bathroom, I saw this: "Good Moms have sticky floors, dirty ovens and happy kids." So I just try to be less concerned in the cleanliness of my house and more concerned with the happiness of my kids. It's still hard sometimes.

Trapper and Suzy said...

Oh, Laura. I miss you. : ) I can see you sitting at your computer trying desperately to have a reflective moment and then having that moment interrupted with spilling your peppermint tea. haha The thing I love about this post is that I can totally relate to it. And I think most of us women can. There are too many distractions today. But I loved LOVED LOVED President Uchtdorf's talk in the RS General Meeting. Good Sacrifices and foolish sacrifices is something I need to work on real hard. I try to limit myself to doing my online stuff in the morning and only in the morning. Then I keep it locked or turned off until the night time when the kids are in bed. I don't do it everyday, but some days I am successful. : )

Amy Franklin said...

Now I am in no way qualified to speak on this, because I know I spend way too much time surfing the net--but I must say that there is something to be said for the need to escape every now and then from the real world. You gotta stay sane somehow. And a little Pinterest goes a long way. It's all about balance, but we can't feel bad about taking a few moments for ourselves any way we can.

Sweet Em said...

I say, dont "unplug" unless you have something else semi-mindless to replace it with. You do NOT have to be doing something every minute...its okay to rest and zone out. Also, don't unplug because I don't like it when my friends do that...I don't feel connected. I'd hate to have to CALL and TALK to someone. ;)

What I do think of doing is making a rule that I an stay on pinterest for a few minutes then I need to get up and actually MAKE something I've been pinning. I think having a messy house and a finished (or hey, half finished) project at the end of the day is totally okay. (Not sure Aaron agrees...)