Forget Not Printable 5x7

I really enjoyed listening to the General Relief Society Meeting last Saturday evening.  (To learn more about Relief Society Organization click HERE).

I have seen a few of these floating around in the Mormon blogging/pinterest community, but I wanted to make one that was more my "style" and decided to share it.  I made this and framed it for each of my Visiting Teaching sisters this month.

Just right click and save as...

click HERE to read it the entire inspired talk by President Dieter F. Uchtdorf
or click HERE to watch the video.

I am also super impressed with the new book they just published about the history and work of Relief Society.  I love it and have started reading it.  You can read it online or download a free PDF copy of the book HERE.



Trapper and Suzy said...

I love this! You're so creative. You know me. I ain't so creative, so I just steal other people's ideas. lol I loved the message and I hope to read it again soon! We're so blessed to have so many great resources and great leaders.

~ kietra ~ said...

This is SOSOOOO cute, Laura! You are so talented. Thank you so much for sharing this. LOVE IT! It was an amazing talk.

Sweet Em said...

I LOVED Pres. Uchtdorf's talk. It was so powerful and amazing.

natalie palmer said...

laura, i'm so bad at looking at blogs these days so i haven't seen yours for a long time. i came to look today to see if you had posted pics of our weekend yet. :) you haven't, i see, but i LOVE what you have donw with your blog. its so cute and professional looking. can't wait to see those pics when you get a minute! (hint. hint.) :)