writing your love story: your wedding day.

Last night I was talking to my Mother-in-law about when Connel and I got engaged.  It was kind of funny, as I re-told her the story, how certain little things came back to me as I talked about it.  Connel was there talking about it too and it was really interesting how he of course remembered different things than I did.  I was also talking to my Mom yesterday and we were discussing how all of us in our family have different memories of the same events or times in life.  I guess, when telling your stories, it's good to have more than just your own input.  It would be good to ask what your parents or siblings or spouse or in-laws remember about the events, it could provide some good humor or insight to the story that you might have missed yourself.

Like for example, my sister posted on Facebook on our anniversary..."7 years ago all the uncles sat around and made fun of the newlyweds on their honeymoon ;)"  And I was that true? did they really?  Anyway, that's kind of a funny little detail that adds some humor to *ahem*...our side of the story.

So just remember to include your spouse and/or families and friends in the storytelling if you can.

Here are some good questions to ask yourself when you are writing your wedding story. 

How did you decide the date you would be married?
Where did you get married?
Where there any special traditions planned for the wedding?
Who helped with planning/preparations?
Was there any strife caused between the bride and groom (or others) when planning?
What were the details of the wedding?  Was the groom very involved in planning?

Tell about the bride finding the dress.  Was it easy? Was it hard?
What did the dress look like?
Did she have any special preparations to get herself dressed and ready for the wedding?
How did the bride's day begin?
What were the feelings of the bride on her special day?

What did the groom wear?
How did the groom's day begin?
What final preparations did the groom have to make?
What were the groom's thoughts when he saw his bride? 
What were the feelings of the groom?

Were there flower girls/ring bearer?  Who were they?
Who were the bridesmaids?  Maid of Honor?  Best Man?
What family members attended the ceremony?
Did any special friends attend the ceremony?
What do the bride/groom remember from the ceremony?
How did they feel?
Did the ceremony conductor give any words of advice?
Were there any vows made?  What were they?

After the Ceremony/The Reception
What were your first moments like as husband and wife?
Who greeted the couple after they were married?
Was there any brunch or luncheon planned?
Were there special guests present?
Where there any special words spoken by family members/friends?
What advice was offered?
What were the details of the wedding and/or reception? (flowers, colors, theme, cake, refreshments, food, location)
Tell about cutting the cake.
Where there any special toasts or traditions carried out? (garter toss, bouquet toss, religious traditions, family traditions, etc.?)
Did the couple have a dance?
Were there any special musical numbers?
Was there a greeting line?  What was the setting like, casual or formal?
What was the farewell like?  Was there a special vehicle?  Was the car decorated?

Who attended?  Grandparents?  Parent? Siblings? Best friends?  Roommates?  Other relatives and friends?  Did anyone travel far?  
Where family and wedding photographs taken?
Did the bride and groom get to take a Honeymoon?  Where did they go?
What were their future plans at the time?  Where would they live and what would they do?
What are some other memorable moments about the day?
What moments will the bride and groom cherish forever about that day?  

That the end of the prompts for writing your love story!  This has been really fun and brought back some cherished and funny memories about our dating and first years together...I am still working on writing mine, but I promise I will post it when it is fine-tuned and I can get more input from my husband!  I hope you have been able to take some time and write down some of your cherished memories together.  Again...if you post it on your blog, let me know I'd love to read it!

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MBC Scrapbooking said...

Great suggestions for memory-making!
My favorite memory of my grandma telling about my parents' wedding was how the florist somehow delivered the flowers to the house in an obscure place, and after the wedding, while my parents had just left for their honeymoon, my grandma and great-grandma found the flowers and tossed them around the room like confetti:)