temple trip and sunset date night.

I have a sweet husband.  He hates to make me upset.  The moment he realizes that I am upset, he immediately tries to make things better.  It drives him crazy when I am in a bad mood or angry.  Perhaps it's just because he is a genuinely happy and optimistic person.  (or maybe he just doesn't like to be around a grump!)

But anyway... the reason I tell you this is because I found out my husband was going to be gone on the day of our anniversary.  You all don't need to know the gory details, but ya... I was VERY upset.  I was so looking forward to having an entire Saturday with my husband and no one else at all.  I was very sensitive about it for a couple of days.  It was making him crazy!

So...he made up for it.  Um...BIG time!  Our anniversary is on the 18th, but because of the scheduled obligation, we ended up celebrating on the 16th.  We usually try to attend the temple on our anniversary (the LDS temple is where we got know more about temples you can go HERE or HERE.) and so we attended the Columbus Ohio Temple.  It ended up being the perfect day, the perfect and very experience that I needed on that EXACT DAY, and I felt very loved by my husband and my by Father in Heaven.  God truly knows us individually and gives us what we need when we need it.  God's timing = I am in awe.

My husband and I in front of the Columbus Ohio Temple.

Afterwards we were going to try to go to a Brazilian restaurant (a tradition) but there were none we could find in the Columbus area!  (Kind of crazy as Columbus brags of being the restaurant hub.)  We ended up at O'Charley's and it was really good!  Then, my husband surprised me by taking me on a little drive on some back roads to an ice cream place we found a couple years ago...Ye Olde Mill in Utica, OH!  I was ecstatic!  I don't know what it is about driving the road less traveled, but I love it, it brings me some peace I guess!  I feel a lot less claustrophobic in the country.  And I LOVE ice cream!

We said that if Hannah was there she would be so excited to be so close to the "gucks".

"Making" Ice Cream


Mine was some kind of Chocolate everything and Connel got chocolate chip cookie dough.

The Mill.

I have to give some HUGE HUGE thanks to our wonderful friends Trapper and Suzy who watched our little munchkin that day.  I hope they know how much it meant to me to have that day with my husband.  So much thanks to you for giving us that time! ;)

So...I thought that was the end of it.  I was expecting my husband to come home on Saturday night and we would spend a bit of time together and call it good.  But then he told me not to make any plans for Saturday night (the 18th) and I started getting suspicious! :)  He showed up on Saturday evening and let me get ready for the "date" he had planned.  I didn't know what to wear and so I kept asking him should I wear this shirt or that shirt?  these pants or those shorts?  what shoes?  After I was dressed and ready and Hannah was sounds asleep, our babysitters (enter again Trap and Suz + 2 kiddos) came to the door.

We left the house at apprx. 8:15 PM and Connel kept saying how we had to stay on schedule as he started driving out towards the lake...

...for us to watch the sunset!  It was very romantic.  He had a candle + sparkling cider + little individual cakes for each of us.  We spread out a blanket on the shore of Lake Erie and enjoyed EVEN MORE alone time while we watched the sun fall behind the horizon.

I think he knows that I love chocolate! ;)
But this was really good too!
The setup.  So creative!

This was the view behind us.  (No, I don't know why they decided to clutter the beautiful beach view with a nasty factory like this.)  But they said that this is the best location to watch the sunset on this point of Lake Erie.

Us.  Of course.


The view in front of was a little cloudy but it made for really pretty colors!!!

Toes in the sand...

I leaned back to put my camera away...and I hit Connel in the nose...then I started laughing and leaned back and my head ended up in the dessert.  Classy.

Dessert hair.  Yes, I wore it the next day.

Connel knew that I would want to take some pictures...he brought along my camera, luckily I had my extra lens in my purse and I was able to get some pretty cranes in the sunset.

Toes in the water...♪

Don't know why but I really love this picture.

Another Crane.


A treasured moment for sure.

He went above and beyond!  He is truly so thoughtful and caring and I love him with all my heart!


Trapper and Suzy said...

Wow. What a great anniversary idea. And so easy and cheap! Trapper and I have been struggling with anniversary ideas because they're either very far or too expensive. I just want it to be good this year. After reading this though, I'm excited to plan our anniversary.
I'm glad we were able to watch Hannah for you. You deserved a wonderful anniversary. : )

Brianna Tuckett said...

WOW!!!! What a creative and sweet guy! That is so awesome and I LOVE your pictures Laura!! You are becoming quite the photographer and I LOVE your stuff!!

Ashley said...

you two are SO romantic. I love all your challenges and fun ways to keep the fun in your relationship, and after reading about this, I can tell it's working! =) I'm glad it was a dream come true. YOu guys earned it.

arielle @ a beautiful journey. said...

how awesome! love the pictures that you took :) sounds like a wonderful time together! hope you had a beautiful anniversary and a nice time with just the two of you!

Jennifer said...

You guys are so cute! I love the set up on the beach! Oh, and that red dress is so lovely!