writing your love story: firsts.

This picture is not significant, until I tell the story behind it.  This is when we were in Utah at a friends, he was studying and fell asleep.   I remember thinking "Aw.  He's so tired...I love him."  then thinking, "Oh my gosh...I DO love him!"  This is when I first realized I was in love with Connel!  He had been taking time to travel a 4 hour drive from Idaho to Utah almost every other weekend and taking time out of his schooling to see me.  We would stay up late talking on the phone a lot too.  It's good to remember the sacrifice that we went through to see and talk to each other...that must have been part of the reason I fell in love with him!

I have always been into preserving memories.  I like to journal and scrapbook and I love to reminisce about good times past.  I feel like pictures and journals give me a reminder of how far I have come, the blessings I have had, and reminds me of all the wonderful people that have been a part of my life.

I used to write in my journal almost every day.  For some reason, after I met Connel, I only wrote in it a handful of times.  It kills me that I didn't have those raw emotions down in writing! 

It may not be perfect, but what I treasure is that I DO have it recorded!  A few years ago, I wrote our love story in a photo book.  I copied and pasted it here on my blog as well if you ever want to read it.  It's the shortened version...but it's something.

Also, about a year ago, I found a journaled tape that I had made about him sometime during the first few months that we spent together.  It's cute, it's hilarious, it makes me cry...I treasure it!  (I do need to get it updated from a tape to something else so it can be preserved for future generations though.)

So, maybe you have a scrapbook of your dating years.  Maybe you have your wedding album.  But do the pictures tell a story?  Do those pictures tell what your emotions were?  What were you feeling when you first met him?  first held hands?  first kissed?  What were your feelings on your wedding day?  THAT is what matters.  If someone were to look at your pictures, would they be able to know what was happening?  Probably not.  Will your kids want to know what was happening... how you first fell in love?  Probably.

So...I am going to help you record your love story.  Once each week, I will post writing prompts for you to use to help you write and preserve your love story.  From the first day you met, to dating, to engagement, to your lovely wedding day!

Today we will write about "firsts" in your relationship:
  • Tell about how you first met?
    • When and where did you meet?
    • Did someone introduce you?
    • Was there a spark at first sight?
    • What was it that made you notice him/her?
    • What was it about him that impressed her?
    • What was it about her that impressed him?
    • Was there anything about them that you disliked?  or were bothered by?
  • Tell about your first date.
    • When and where was it?
    • What were your thought and feelings before the first date?
    • What were your thoughts and feelings during the date?
    • Are there any funny/embarrassing/touching stories about your first date that you can share?
    • What were your thoughts and feelings for him/her after your first date?
    • Did you want to go out with them again?
    • What made you want to go out with them again?
  • Tell about the first time you held hands.
    • When and where was it?
    • What was it like? Was is awkward? sweet?  funny?
    • What were your thoughts/feelings?
  • Tell about your first kiss.
    • When and where was it?
    • What did (or didn't) you like about the kiss? 
    • What were your thoughts and feelings after the first kiss?

Tips for writing memories/journaling:
  • Write first, edit later...don't worry about your spelling and grammar, etc.  Just start writing and then edit it when you are finished with that portion.
  • When you do worry about editing.  Watch your spelling, handwriting, grammar, language, and punctuation. 
  • Try not to use trendy acronyms.  If you do try to create a key for what they mean.  (In 20 years they might not know what LOL means!)
  • Be yourself.  Give your story voice, but it is essential to be yourself as you write, because this is a story about YOUR life!  Written by YOU!
  • Write about the good and the bad.  People will want to know that you were a real person with real problems!  It helps them relate to you.
  • When you are writing about others, be respectful and tasteful.  Don't be rude.
  • Do your best to be accurate.
  • Write with audience in mind.  Like your children and grandchildren for example.

Record it how you'd like, write it down, record your voice, make a video, make a book, scrapbook it (don't forget the journaling), blog it, type it...

...just start!

Even better...include your spouse, let them share their feelings and record them, you might find out things you never knew!  (I'm totally going to be doing this!)

So grab your favorite treat, your spouse, and start reminiscing!  And who knows, maybe it will help you remember why you fell in love in the first place!

Okay well, I hope you have some fun while doing this!  If you write or have written your love story on your a link in the comments or email me...I'd love to read it!


a farmer's wife and her real life said...

i'm going to love this! i've been meaning to write down our love story and make a book out of it for a couple years, but have never gotten to it...perhaps if i follow your lead, i'll actually finally get it done!!

Brianna Tuckett said...

What a fun idea!! I am WAY excited to do this!! Now if I can just get Rusty to write his side of the story ;) I'll let you know when I post about this. Thanks Laura!! :)

Debi Walter - The Romantic Vineyard said...

What a great idea! Thanks for the link love on Friday, this was how I discovered your blog. I must say I am an avid journaler and have been since 1989. Tom and I were married in 1979, so I missed much of that decade. I have written our love story and it's posted on our blog.
I love your willingness to offer writing prompts in an effort to help couples capture their history for their children and grandchildren. In fact, I will most likely link our readers to this post. Thank you so much!