friday five.

Here are five links that I loved that you can take some time to read this weekend.  Enjoy!

Dating Divas | Spouse Subway Art

How Does She | Keep the Spark HOT!

Romantic Vineyard | Fireproof Your Marriage

Simply Modern Mom | Project 52: Date Nights
(Spouse Subway Art idea inspired by The Dating Divas; created on


Wii are the Nelsons said...

Love your subway art. Maybe I'll try that - good Father's Day gift idea =D

Trapper and Suzy said...

I really like these links. Especially the subway art and "Keep the spark hot!" It really challenges me to keep the love alive when this morning I haven't been feeling it. haha But I'm determined to keep trying. Thankfully I have a love jar to help me and I have started the 40 day challenge of the Fireproof marriage. I also plan to read "The 5 Love Languages" with Trapper one of these days. Man!! Look at me go! Hopefully Trapper's working just as hard, but you know how men can be. : )

Trapper and Suzy said...

Hmmm.... Was that negative of me to say about Trapper? In that case, I take that back. I'm sure he is working just as hard as me.