nintendo 64 date night.

This weekend we did an at home date night.  We've done this in the past, but usually it's just a movie or a game.  Game nights are always fun, but this time we switched it up and played some video games.  We busted out the rarely used N64. (don't be jealous of our cutting edge electronics ;).  The graphics were totally retro but this was our era people...and we still had a lot of fun, it's amazing how these things come back to you!  We played NFL Blitz and Mario Kart.  Connel won both times, but think you can tell who was more into the game by looking at these pictures. 

Okay so look at that smile...I think he was having fun too! :)

We also picked up this second hand old school dance game (similar to Dance Dance Revolution) at a kiddie closet sale.  I was super excited to see my husband show me his dance skills, but alas, the thing was having a hard time working...

I was the only one who got the chance to look like a fool before the game pooped out.
The bend and snap! Works every time! (name that movie)

We had a Barbie dance game that we got at the kid's sale as well but he wouldn't even try it. :)

If you are trying to save money and can't afford a babysitter every weekend...try a date night at home, after the kid(s) go to bed.  Try to branch out of the basic movie night thing...maybe try one of the at home date ideas at Simply Modern Mom.  It's fun to do something interactive and laugh together (and at each other)!


Luke and Katie said...

Legally Blonde!
Looks like a fun night!

Brianna Tuckett said...

Too fun!! I love all the pics!! It reminds me of Rusty and I when we play video games together. I am concentrating and trying really hard and Rusty is totally relaxed and he STILL wins!! :) Fun idea :)

Spencer and Mackenzie said...

you guys are awesome!