most important.

We are stuck in a lazy kind of routine, my poor baby had pneumonia and we haven't really been able to get back on track with our daily routine.  I'm trying to get out of this rut...and I have had a few days of motivation and energy here and there.  I need to find some energy... actually, it's more than just that.  I have some things I need to change.  

I have some goals I want to achieve and relationships I want to strengthen.  I know what I have to change within myself to make these things happen.  I have been inspired this past weekend and I feel a sense of urgency to prioritize, to make time for the most important things, and start weeding out things that aren't necessarily bad, but that are distracting me from my ultimate goals.  The problem is that times like now, I see all the things that I am doing wrong and I want to change them all at once.  Then I get overwhelmed by it all and suddenly I loose the motivation to keep going.  

It was mentioned by an inspired leader in our local/district stake conference this weekend to look at the weakest part of our lives and strengthen it first.  I know where I can start and it will require some patience and determination on my part but I know that it is possible.  I guess it has to do with submitting our will to the Father.  I also read an article here and one portion of it stood out to me:
"His focus on the Father is one of the principal reasons Jesus’s ministry had such clarity and power.
In the same way, you and I can put Christ at the center of our lives and become one with Him as He is one with the Father (see John 17:20–23). We can begin by stripping everything out of our lives and then putting it back together in priority order with the Savior at the center. We should first put in place the things that make it possible to always remember Him—frequent prayer and scripture study, thoughtful study of apostolic teachings, weekly preparation to partake of the sacrament worthily, Sunday worship, and recording and remembering what the Spirit and experience teach us about discipleship.
Other things may come to your mind particularly suited to you at this point in your life. Once we make adequate time and means for these matters in centering our lives in Christ, we can begin to add other responsibilities and things of value, such as education and family responsibilities. In this way the essential will not be crowded out of our lives by the merely good, and things of lesser value will take a lower priority or fall away altogether."  -Elder Todd. D. Christofferson

This is the direction that I hope to take.  I want to try to live more simply with my life focused on Christ.  I want to have more peace in my home.  I want to fill my home and life with good and important things.  I want to better myself, so that I can be my best for what's most important...

What do you do when your stuck in a rut and want to motivate yourself?  What inspires you to stay on track/stay motivated?


Brianna Tuckett said...

I know exactly what you mean!! I often get inspired and want to change so many things, but never end up changing ANYTHING because I have gotten overwhelmed and given up. I think what Elder Christofferson said is so true. We have to take things one at a time because that's how you eat an elephant: one bite at a time :) To help me I will put little sticky notes all over to help remind me of my goals and this helps rub off on the hubby too because he can't help but see them too :) I find that when I have no motivation I have to just suck it up and say to myself, "Too bad, Bri! Remember you WANT this, now DO IT!!" I have to practice a little tough love with myself but it helps and then rewaard your good efforts, just as the Lord will reward them :) Thanks for this inspiration and motivation to me Laura!!

Holly said...

:)Laura, I get this way alot. This might sound wierd but I do something just for me, make a craft, buy a new nail polish, clean out my closet, try a new spot to eat or just make a new recipe- somthing small but it always renews me and makes me realize there is so much joy in life & I don't want to miss it and well I'd better get out of bed and get going or I'm not going to have enough time to get it all done! :)

Josie said...

Your post is so inspiring and motivating. I enjoy your blog so much! Your writing and photography is enchanting. Thanks for taking the time to inspire.