family movies.

In all of our decluttering, we happened to get rid of our VCR.  Sad for two reasons.

#1- It's 2011 and we actually still owned a VCR. 
#2- We had to get rid of a lot of our movies!

Within the stack of about 25 videos were some of my favorites.  Ever After, While Your Were Sleeping, The Sound of Music, and about ten others.  We listed them out on a piece of paper so we could have the list for future reference in $5 Wal-Mart movie picks. 

We also got rid of some movies, including DVD's that we knew didn't fit with our family values.  It was really hard to get rid of a couple of those "cockroach in the ice cream" movies.  But at this point I don't really remember exactly which movies those were and if I do, I don't really miss them that much!  It feels better knowing that I don't have that influence in my home.  I have been on the search for some good clean family flicks and I have watched several lately that I have added to our list of favorites.

The Other Side of Heaven

The Karate Kid (2010)

We Are Marshall
Bridge to Terabithia
The Adventures of Milo and Otis
The Diary of a Wimpy Kid

Mr. Hobbs Takes a Vacation

Here are some of our other favorites:
Swiss Family Robinson
Groundhog Day
Home Alone
Little Women
The Kid
Ever After
The Sound of Music
Seven Brides for Seven Brothers
Cheaper By the Dozen
Muppets Take Manhattan
North by Northwest
Princess Bride
Rear Window
The Sandlot
Back to the Future Series
Star Wars Series
Indiana Jones Series
Three Men and a Baby
Willy Wonka and The Chocolate Factory (1971)
The Goonies
Legacy (1990)
The Testaments: Of One Fold and One Shepherd
Fly Away Home
Mr. Hobbs Takes a Vacation
How the Grinch Stole Christmas
The Stupids
Facing the Giants
Faith Like Potatoes
Agatha Christie's Poirot Series
Narnia Movies
National Treasure
Night at the Museum
Up and other Pixar Films
Wild Hearts Can't Be Broken
On Our Own
Mary Poppins
High School Musical

I'm sure there are more but I think that is a long enough list to keep you busy if you are going to try and watch some of them!

Any family favorites that you'd like to share?  We love suggestions!


Danny & Crystal said...

Oooh, that a good list! A few of our favs are: Jane Austen (Pride & Prejudice, Emma, Persuasion, etc.), Matilda, and The Best Two Years.

Brianna Tuckett said...

Way good list Laura!! Hey have you guys seen the sequel to Three Men and A Baby? It's called Three Men and a Little Lady and it is WAY cute!! Just as good as the original :) Some of our favorites include McClintock, North to Alaska, Shadow Riders, and Fool's Gold.