screen shopping {red, white, blue, and beachy}.

The other day we rented the movie "How Do You Know".  I love Reese Witherspoon but I wouldn't say that it was the highest quality movie that I have seen.  Seriously, how often do you get high quality lately?  Hardly. ever.  So hey, if you know of some good ones, let me know, we are on the hunt for some CLEAN family flicks.

But on to the style side of things...if there was one thing that I really liked about the movie it was her clothing!  The style of the casual clothing she wore was adorable!  I went shopping online and found some examples of the outfits that I am crushing on. Now all I have to do is somehow convince my husband that these finds are immediate needs. :)

This outfit looked extremely comfortable, but I need a longer short.  Here is what I found...

Another outfit she wore (couldn't find a picture) was a white peasant dress with a denim jacket over it.  It was sort of feminine with an americana/preppy touch.  Here is my version:

I'd go with plain white... or a floral looking dress

I also really liked this outfit, I only remember part of the look, but this is how I would wear a similar top and cardigan.

{cardigan, top, khakis, shoes}

And my final inspiration is from a birthday card that my mom sent! :)  I'm too lazy to scan or even take a picture of it, but it's a little girl walking on the beach in a sunhat and a flowy little beach dress.  I have wanted to wear a similar outfit ever since I saw it on the card!

Here is my idea of a flowy comfy beachy outfit:

 {dress, shoes, sunglasses, hat}

I just love those floppy hats!

Now I just have to stop dreaming and actually save the money to go get some of these finds!

Have a great weekend!


Luke and Katie said...

adorable! we rented The Tourist a few weekends ago and it was pretty good. It kept me thinking...even today ;)

Danny & Crystal said...

Super cute outfits--I wish I had the money to buy them too :)

Brianna Tuckett said...

Those are WAY cute outfits!! I LOVE your sense of style Laura!! Rusty and I have found a few movies we really like. They have been out for awhile though so maybe you've seen them :) We like Killers, Grown-Ups, and Did you Hear About the Morgans? All good shows and family friendly :)

elise said...

too cute! I love how close you matched the first one! you have a good eye, girly and I might just copy you!:)

Ashley said...

Nick and I thought How Do You Know was so slow and boring and pointless! But Reese was still cute :)