A great day to start the week.

(Connel and I at our wedding reception in Nyssa, Oregon: June 2004)

To be diverse, I was NOT going to be a predictable Mormon and post about General Conference today and how it helped me and my list of twenty goals and things I need to improve...  So HA!  But, I found that I am just like everyone else or I just have the NEED to share this beautiful talk that I think just happened to every wife's favorite.  I was entertaining my toddler at this point in conference and I "heard" Elder Scott's talk but I didn't really get to "listen" to it until this morning is FANTASTIC!!!


Trapper and Suzy said...

Whoa! I'm pretty sure having sideburns that long is illegal in all 50 states. ; ) J/k Y'all look so beautiful. I will have to go back and listen to that talk.

kim said...

You are right. It was fabulous and so tender. I usually don't go listen to talks the next day and just wait until the ensign comes out but I listened to that one and another one yesterday and was deeply moved both times. Love the picture! love you guys!!