a bit about my baby girl... who will someday be a big girl.

My sweet little baby.  I went through all of her past and present clothes yesterday.  (She was so little!)

It took me 5 hours.  5 hours!!!  How many clothes can a 18 month old own?  I am actually kind of appalled with myself.  I am proud to say that I tossed half of them in a sell/donate box.  I am increasingly realizing how important it is that I teach my daughter that these things are NOT the important things.  Aware of the message I may send when I dress her up and tell her she is beautiful.    Why would I want to teach my daughter that having that many clothes is important?  Why would I want the way she looks on the outside outshine who she is inside???

I do think okay to have fun dressing and getting ready and feeling like you look classy and nice.  We should try to take care of bodies and dress appropriately.  It's just that I need to make sure that she is feeling beautiful because of what she is... not what she wears.

I don't care if you have the time or not...   :)
If you have daughters please please read this...
(I wrote that really big because I think it is important.)

(watch the video too!)

"These girls of ours, WHAT ARE WE DOING????   WHY WHY WHY are we letting our kids grow up so fast?  I am trying the darned best I can to let all of my children have a normal, long childhood but it seems like I have to fight tooth and nail ALL the time.  I can stand strong as much as possible, trust me, I'm willing to fight the fight, but I feel like I'm up against the world, and in spite of all my attempts at normalizing this stupid rate of a super rushed childhood we have created, it is impossible, yes impossible, to keep all the crap out."
"...we are being conditioned to accept less and less of a moral standard by those that have little or no standard.  They are influencing us whether we think they are or not."
(by Sarah at Clover Lane)

There is more I could say but she says it soooo much better.  Please...go read the post ! It will be well worth your time.

Also, if you have sons...  She wrote this post the other day and truly agree about what she said about raising our boys to become responsible and disciplined men. 


Brianna Tuckett said...

That is so true Laura!! I don't have any daughters, but I can't teach coorect principles if I'm not living them myself. It really makes me think about my own closet and the importance I place on "things" even without realizing it. Thank you for that reminder and wake up call! :)

Spencer and Mackenzie said...

what a fun article - really makes you think about all the little details in books, toys, music and so on...even for the mom of a two year old! And for the record we miss you guys!

MindySue said...

Read "So Sexy So Soon" - it's all about how are children are exposed to sexual media at such a young age and how it has changed their behavior. It also gives important steps to counteracting the message they receive from friends and the media. It should be required reading for ALL parents, especially those of young girls.
(I'm in the middle of it, but I think I can safely say that)

arielle @ a beautiful journey. said...

i don't have a daughter but she is just precious! i will check out the link that you posted for the ones that have a son ;)
love your blog, blessings!