shaving cream sensory activity.

Over the past little while I have been trying to do at least one creative activity with my toddler each day.
It's kind of my own personal little goal of trying to get away from too much television watching and to make sure that I am having some quality one on one time with my kiddo every day.  I even try to make up a little "lesson plan" each week of things that we can do together.  Art, sensory boxes, make-believe play, etc.  I just want to spend some time with her and make sure I cherish her littleness (and  it helps me to be able to use what I have learned in school)!  I even went as far as to make a huge long list of activities and outings that I want to have over the next few months.  Lucky for you :), I have TONS of ideas to share.  

Here is a classic sensory activity that we did last week, It's a delightful sensory experience for your little matter the age (my cooperating teacher used this when I student taught 1st grade to  get the kids help in cleaning the tables).  It is a little bit messy, but OH SO FUN!   Come on... little mess won't hurt ya... can DO IT!

While I was gathering up my supplies for this activity I suddenly got extremely excited to see how she would react!  Here is what you will need:

Saran wrap and/or a vinyl tablecloth,
Shaving cream (preferably the type hat foams immediately out of the can)
Food coloring (optional)
Child's smock or apron
First things first---prep for easy clean up!

I covered the table with saran wrap.  and placed a vinyl table cloth in the floor to catch any drippings.  You can use a vinyl table cloth on the table as well and then just wipe clean or  stick it in the washer when you are done!  I didn't end up needing the table cloth on the floor, but only because my shaving cream was too sticky.  Make sure they wear a smock if you don't want to have to give them a bath! ;) I  don't mind a little bit of a mess so I let her play in just her diaper and gave her a bath afterward.

I just sprayed some cream on the table and let her go at it!  I also added food coloring for added effect!

I think my daughter loved it, maybe just a little bit.

...she really "got into" it!

Now go make a mess with your little one(s)!

Pssst... just FYI - I have more activities that we have already done and plenty planned to do and share so check back for more fun!

And yes, some are less mess... 


Kimi said...

Oh, my, GOSH her expressions are PRICELESS!!

Did she try to eat any? :)

Molly Houx said...

That. Was. AWESOME!

Tiffany, David and Aurianna said...

I so want to go home and try this with my little girl. I think she would love it! I never thought to do it with her! Your little girl is so cute!

MindySue said...

That looks incredibly fun. I used to have carpet in my dining room and I was afraid to do all this kind of stuff. Now with laminate, and a new little one, I might give it a shot.

I think you would really like the Busy Book Series by Trish Kuffner. I just reviewed her books on my blog. This is the link, feel free to delete it if you think I'm overstepping.

~ kietra ~ said...

Looks like FUN!! Thanks for the reminder--- my kids LOVE to do this!!! A couple of variations... we do it on a large cookie sheet or on the side of the bathtub. :) Also, it works really good with whip cream or cool whip and then they can lick their fingers!

Heidi said...

You are such a fabulous and fun Mom!! Hannah is so lucky! And oh my goodness, she is SOOOO cute!! I love the last two pictures the best. Her surprised face is priceless!! Oh, I just love her!!

Brianna Tuckett said...

I remember cleaning my desk with shaving cream in grade school. Way too much fun!! It looks like Hannah had a BLAST!! What a fun mom you are!! :)

Shannon Dooley said...

Hi Laura! I found your blog through a comment you left on Holly's. IDK if you will remember a decade later but we were in the same class at BHS. :) Your little girl is adorable! And you seem like such a fun Mom!!! Anyway, just thought I'd say hi! Hope you're doing fantastic. Take care.

Harris said...

Oh my gosh this is awesome!!! I love the pic where she is sprawled out all over it!!! Seriously this is great!

Editt said...

You've inspired me to do more with my babies. Thank you!