kool-aid snow cones.

Make a snow cone using real snow!  Well, I think it just might officially be spring here in Ohio, but I know some of you out there still have some snow right?  Oh well, if not, you can at least store this idea in your mental data bank for next winter.  Or find a way to shave your own ice. ;)

What you need:
prepared kool-aid
small squeeze bottle
bowl and spoon
bib/kid's apron

We collected some snow from our backyard and scooped it into a couple bowls....

...then snitched a bit.

Then we mixed up some kool-aid and poured it into a small squeeze bottle from a little snow cone machine we found at Goodwill.  Then we squeezed the kool-aid onto our snow...

...and a little bit onto ourselves. :)

Then, we enjoyed our yummy homemade snow cones!

(and the rest of the kool-aid. :)


kim said...

okay, seriously...LOVE the pictures of the kool-aid vs. Hannah. Way too cute!!!!!

The Beck Bunch said...

Molly would be slurping up that kool-aid also! Fun idea!

Brianna Tuckett said...

Good idea!! We just got some fresh snow last night too :) I love the pic of Hannah with a great big grin and Kool-Aid all over her face :) Too cute!