biggest loser {week six}.

Last weeks challenge was to eat breakfast. To choose healthy options like oatmeal or fruit and to only eat the "good" stuff once a week.  I did okay with this, I make a few smoothies and I tried to eat a well-rounded meal each morning.  Now, I just gotta keep up the habit.

I gained .2 lbs.  Haha!  I never thought I would be going nuts about something like that, but it's driving me crazy.
So, I weighed in at 
134 lbs even.

Okay, okay!  So, I have to confess, because I feel guilty...I cheated... I made a HUGE batch of cookies on Monday and scarfed down about 5 of their warm gooey yumminess in less than an hour.  (and a few more the day following.  So that may be one reason for the .2 lb gain.  Geez...

Argh, OKAY!  So, that's not the only thing...I only worked out 2x this week... I was bad this week, BAD I tell you!

I promise to be better this week.  I will work out everyday and go for long walks with my child.  I will not make any more cookies... and no matter how much my husband wants me to make him a pie, I will wait until Thanksgiving.  Okay, really?  So... that last one I am not that excited for, but HE is and he wants me to make it for him in the middle of my diet?  I think not.  Sorry babe... it's all about the support. ;)  I love you, and I love your back rubs too...just as long as you don't knead with your thumbs. :)

Okay, so this weeks challenge is...

Eat low cholesterol and low calorie snacks. Here is website to go and get Fit-Nutz, a low calorie peanut butter.

Good luck!


Taunya Spaulding said...

hey, everybody cheats on their diet once in awhile! :) good job sticking with it, though! what? 6 more weeks to go??

Trapper and Suzy said...

Okay, next time you make cookies, call me and I'll throw the kids in the car and we'll help you eat them!! haha Speaking of low calorie snacks, I have to be super careful now since I've taken Braden to the nutritionist. I bought several high calorie snacks and we have to start adding high calorie things into our meals. Turns out, my kids don't like chocolate pudding or ice cream as much as I thought. *Sigh* I may end up gaining all the weight.

Terra said...

Check out i've lost 6 pounds in 2 weeks using that website as a guide. But don't stress about .2 pounds that may just be normal fluctuation

Anonymous said...

Don't be to hard on yourself. You are TRYING... just remember that. One of my good friends, Carma, just told me that "Running is being good and something you hate." It applies to Diets too... Nobody likes to diet or exercise.... lets face it. It is hard work but remember the REWARDS are worth it in the end. You will just feel good about yourself... PLUS: You have always been a "beautiful" daughter of Heavenly Father.... He doesn't see your .2 lbs...... Remember who you are!!! Love, Jana