valentine ideas.

I have been trying to think of something I could do for Connel on Valentine's day and I decided to do the "12 days of Valentine's". I started yesterday, however, I need some more ideas for something small to do each day...if you have any suggestions, feel free to leave me a comment, (please keep them clean :) thanks!

here are the ideas I have in mind so far...

-breakfast in bed
-FHE about love/marriage
-write him a letter
-note in his lunch
-kiss the windows of his car
-14 reasons why I love him written on hearts and snuck into his pocket/wallet/etc. on V-day

Have an awesome day!


Luke and Katie said...

-Try an all-red dinner. Do something easy like spaghetti..dye the noodles red (I think you just add some red food coloring while the water is boiling), have red cranberry juice..etc. We did this for V-day about 9 years ago (my roommate made the dinner)
-Make heart shaped sugar cookies
-Try candles and red rose petals leading to dinner/movie, etc
I'll think of some more things!

Sweet Em said...

How about a FHE about monster trucks or something manly ;)

A favorite treat in his lunch.

A massage.

A movie night with a movie he wants to see that you haven't wanted to.

jamerlou said...

A day of "I love you" or "XOXO" text messages sent to him.

I know you can order M & Ms with personalized messages like, Luv U Connel. I don't know how long it takes to get them but you might have time still.

Hmmm...that's all I've got for now.

Heidi Weaver said...

You are such a great little wife Laura. I would love to come up with ideas for you, but I will have to think on it. And I hope you don't mind if I steal some of yours, since I will be with Kevin for Valentines Day.

Love ya

C.B. said...

Make a BIG Chocolate kiss!

Melt chocolate chips in a bowl in a microwave till smooth. Place a clean funnel on a plate. Stuff a little bit of tin foil in the neck of the funnel. Spray the funnel with a nonstick cooking spray. Place the funnel on its neck on the plate. Be careful not to tip it. It will hold up if you're careful.

Spoon the melted chocolate into the funnel. Wait overnight. Remove the dried chocolate from the funnel. If it's hard to get out, take a knife and run it around the perimeter of the funnel until it slides out.

Wrap the kiss in tin foil and make a little message to stick out the top. This is a really cute project that anyway Valentine would love to receive.

Ashley said...

Ok, all I can think of is the traditional "I LOVE YOU" written in red lipstick on the mirror!

Let me think some more...oh, I have a book with ideas like that...

you could go out for ice cream and reminisce about a date you two had that neither of you will forget...

buy him a magazine he would enjoy reading...

wash and vacuum his car...

give him a pedicure and manicure

Sara said...

that is such a cute idea!! I also love the "red dinner" I think I might start that tradition, we do that for breakfast already with pancakes. other ideas I thought of were
a really nice dessert

an inexpensive present, I find $5 deals at old navy a ton on shirts and things

appreciation letters from other people (I know that isn't love from you, but valentine's is about love in general)

make a CD of his fav songs (andrew secretly did this for me last valentines of all my favorite songs from high school, it was great, and pretty hilarious what I listened to back then, and he did one of my favorite love songs back then too

anything handmade food he would like, like I do beef jerky (in the oven, you don't need a dehydrator) or chocolate dipped pretzels

favorite homecooked meal

out to dinner or lunch

I am thinking of doing this for next year, great idea!