the love tree.

Let me preface this by telling you that I wrote this little musing in the Fall of 2002. I was taking Freshman English and we were supposed to respond each day to the question the professor had on the board when we came in...we were going through some of the papers in our office and I found one of these interesting responses...written in purple pen...I thought it was perfect for a February post!

"Everyone wonders what Love is. If they don't already have it; they wonder how to get it, they want to know how to keep it. Love doesn't just happen, it grows. Love starts out as a small seed of friendship in your heart. It has to grow a root in order to stay standing. Without a root, the love will grow to large. When the wind and rain come, the plant will be uprooted, or fall over. The seed has to be nourished by caring, commitment, and conversation. Once the roots are firmly planted in the heart, then love can start to grow. It will start out small at first, small enough for some to not even see and can be trampled under the feet without a second thought. If protected, it will grow into an enormous Redwood tree, and be large enough that it seems like it could probably reach the heavens. The branches of the large tree will reach out and protect things that will come to sit under it's shade. When people look at the tree, they are amazed by how large it is and imagine the roots underneath, hundreds entwinded (yes, I really spelled it like that) together to keep the tree of love standing strong."

(((sigh)))...laying aside all cliches and grammatical errors, this metaphorical piece of writing was quite unique, don't you think? Good use of alliteration ("caring, commitment, and conversation"). LOL!

Have a LOVEly day!

P.S. Thank you for all the wonderful ideas for V-day! I am so excited to use them...and to tell you about what I am doing for the BIG FINALE on VALENTINE'S DAY!


Terra said...

love your writing. Very beautiful and true

mrs. r said...

lady! you are welcome any time!! please come and read all the archives if you so desire. shall i add you as an adoption friend?

much love,

mrs. r