the next food network star.

I used to think I hated cooking, but lately I've realized that I just don't like cooking when it's the same old thing over and over again. Spaghetti, hamburgers, Tacos, spaghetti, hamburgers... you get the picture. So when I started cooking things that were new, I ended up really liking to cook! I still like the recipes to be easy and my favorite is when there are only a few ingredients. But sometimes it's just plain fun to get creative, you end up spending 3 hours in the kitchen and actually liking it! Here are a couple of the recipes that I have tried. I got Sherelle's Chicken Bow Tie Festival from a link on Holly's blog it is soooo amazingly yummy! I added diced tomatoes though cuz I like em'. You can also use ground beef instead of chorizo in the Black-Bean Soup if you are not a link-sausage fan. Just scrumptious! Who knows, next time you see me, I might be right along side Rachel Ray on the Food Network! Yum-o!



Holly said...

I know... don't you just LOVE that bowtie pasta! mmmm... I could eat it once a week and never get sick of it! :) I'll have to try the other recipe here too. Cute page too! :)

Sweet Em said...

Um...I'm glad you took my advice about moving the music. After all, you took my advice...but bagpipes!? Bagpipes?

Yummy food! I'm going to have to post my Butternut Squash Lasagna recipe for you to try (yes you read that right Mom, SQUASH!)

pixiepoo said...

You are so cute and the St. Patrick's day stuff...and I will have to try out these recipes!

Laura said...

I love when you comment, all of you!

Holly, YES I LOVE the recipe, Connel loved it too! And it's really easy to make, I also ADORE your friend Sherelle's website, she is very (well, very is an understatement) creative!

Emily, Of course, I love sisterly advice! Also, I am trying that recipe you posted the other day on Friday night. What can I say Mother taught us well...:)

PixiePoo! Just wanted to tell you...your blog is sooo cute! It is one of my inspirations. Although, you have much more of an artsy feel, which, sad to say, I cannot emulate. Love you!