jhonny k.

I have the privilege of being cousins with a extremely wonderful and very talented guy! Recently, he created his own CD with the help of some friends and family. I am amazed!!! I speak truth when I say he is now at the top of my favorite singers list. He is seriously extremely talented! (and...If I am not mistaken, I believe he is also single**.) Do a favor for yourself and check out his website or just click the link on the right under "my people". You will surely be delighted by his wonderful musical stylings! You may even leave with a few new songs on your playlist! Be sure to tell your friends and families!!! (Photo:

**Singleness is not guaranteed...due to the great looks and continually rising popularity of this handsome young buck! :)


monkfamily said...

Laura and Connel,
I can't tell you how much we miss you guys! Things just aren't the same without you here. I tried listening to your cousin's music but I can't get the sound on my computer to work...I'll try again later. I'm sure it's wonderful though-how exciting to have such talent in your family! I hope all is going well with you guys. Love you tons!

Kundefamily said...

Hi Laura!
I'm so happy you have a blog! Now I can keep better in contact with you! I had no idea that Jonathan was a singer. That is so cool!
How is Ohio? That is where you moved to right? My memory is going, I think its from a lack of sleep! Caden is a night owl and I think he is going to have pretty blue eyes!
Have fun and I can't wait to hear from you again!