writing your love story: engagment.

One evening while we were dating, Connel and a few of his friends planned a date, I thought he was planning a date for his cousin Danny, so I was mad when Connel told me to go home and work on my homework.  When Connel came to pick me up I was kind of in a bad mood, because I had been left out of the planning and the fun. So on the drive to Moose Lake I didn't really talk to Connel, I just sort of stared out the window and sulked. When we arrived at the lake, Connel asked me what was wrong, when I told him, he kind of smiled and said, "Well, I promise that the rest of the night will be better."

We went out in some canoes and we paddled around for about an hour and talked about our future. During this time, I did not know that the rest of the couples had gone back to shore. As Connel subtly paddled toward the opposite shore, we bumped into it. I took my paddle and began to push off. Connel suddenly exclaimed, "Uh...I have to pee!" So we left the canoe and walked to the top of the hill.

Funny...I was totally oblivious in this picture!  Does Connel look nervous? :)

As we reached the top Connel stopped me and looked me straight in the eyes. He said some...well...LOTS of romantic and sweet things.  The only thing I remember is that he said he knew from the moment that he met me that I would be a good mother and that he wanted to sweep me off my feet every day.  I didn't write anything else down at the time...lesson learned.  He then got down on one knee.  I then realized that the whole night was really planned for us! Connel pulled the ring box from his jacket pocket and opened it to show...nothing?!?! For a minute we panicked, but then found the ring in the back corner of the ring box. Whew! (He told me later that he was super nervous about losing it in the lake!)  He then asked me to be his wife forever.  I said yes, of course, and surprise...I didn't cry!  He placed the ring on my finger and then I shouted, "I'm getting married!"

We paddled back to the other side of the lake to find ...a band playing country music and a candlelit Dutch oven dinner for two, right next to the campfire.  His roommates were the ones playing the country music and Cheri, Danny, Kara and Kevin had set up a lot of the dinner.  He had really put so much time and effort into planning it, getting people to help and making it very memorable!

Now to write about your proposal and engagement...
  • How did he/you propose?
  • What was said?
  • Where did he/you propose?
  • How did each of you feel?
  • What happened after the proposal?
  • Was anyone else there?  What was their reaction?
  • Did he/you talk to your parents before proposing?  How did he "ask permission" to ask for your hand?  What was your parents reaction?
  • Did you tell everyone right away or later?  How did your friends/family react to the news?
Engagement/Wedding Preparation
  • For how long were you engaged?
  • Who helped plan the wedding?  Who was involved?  (friends, family, etc.)
  • What were the details of the wedding plans?
  • How involved was the groom/bride?
  • Where their any silly arguments over wedding plans with fiance, mothers, fathers? (I included this because Connel and I had several!  Haha!)
  • What are some fun things you and your fiance did while you were engaged?  Dates, outings, trips, etc.
  • Did either of you ever get "cold feet"?  If you did?  For what reasons?

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