writing your love story: dating.

When Connel and I were dating I decided that would make him something for Christmas, instead of buying it.  I took on the project of making him a homemade quilt.  What I didn't know was that Connel was planning a little homemade something for me too!  We both spent hours and hours working on our gifts for each other.  So, it was one of the best surprises to find out that we had both spent quality time working on our little projects for one another.  I asked Connel what he remembered about getting the quilt and he said "It was nice to have a little bit of you "in" the gift and to know you spent time doing something nice like that for me."  then he teasingly said that he also was glad to find out that I could sew and could fix all his clothes...and that he thought "Daaang! She wants cuddle with me!" (FYI-"Dang!" is an excited expression in my husbands language :)

When Connel brought out the gift he had made for me.  I remember trying to hold back tears.  It was a beautiful wood framed mirror with a shelf.  It was wrapped with a pink ribbon and on the front of the mirror was a heart shaped piece of pink paper that said, "When you look into this mirror, I hope you see all of the wonderful qualities I see in you."  It also remember thinking that I thought it was manly that he could do woodwork! :)  It was a really good feeling that we had both put time and effort into our gifts and really had to think about what the other person would like.  And even though they are just "things", they hold very sentimental value and help us remember those feelings of love and giddiness we had for each other when we were dating.

 That's just one of many great memories.  I'm sure you have some that you want remembered and recorded so now it's your turn to reminisce about when you and your spouse were dating...

Here are some journaling prompts for writing:

Dating Memories
  • Maybe you started out as friends?  Tell about your friendship before dating began.
  • What were some of the fun things you did together while dating?
  • Where were some of your favorite places to go/things to do while dating?
  • Write about some of your most memorable or funny dates/outings with each another.
  • Did you ever get in a fight or break up?  How did you apologize/make up?  What made you get back together?
  • Where your likes/dislikes compatible?  Or did you have to learn to like something?  Did they introduce you to something you had never done before?
Falling in Love
  • What were your feelings for him/her that were different from feelings you had had before? 
  • What was it about that person that made you feel special?
  • Was there a defining moment when you knew you were in love?  
  • WHEN, WHERE and HOW did you tell them your feelings of love for them?  Did they feel the same way?
  • What were some sweet and/or romantic things the other person did for you while dating?  (did they do anything extra chivalrous? or surprise you in a special way? or make/give you a nice gift?)
Involving Others
  • Was there any competition?
  • What did other people think about your relationship? (friends and family members)
  • Tell about meeting one another's families.
    • Did you have any outings/activities with the family involved? 
    • What were your first impressions of their family?  
    • What were their impressions of your family?  
    • What were your families first impressions of them?
  • Tell about meeting one another's friends.  
    • Did you have any outings/activities with the friends involved? 
    • What were your first impressions of their friends?  
    • What were their impressions of your friends?  
    • What were your friends first impressions of them?

Remember to send me a link to your love story if you have it written or have started writing it!  I've loved being able to read a few of them already!

Just a tip:  Writing about all of these prompts at once can be a little overwhelming for some.  You might want to try taking time each day and writing about one or two at a time.  That way you will have started and that is the most important step! 

Have a great night!


Luke and Katie said...

that is adorable! I am not crafty enough to do something like this!
What's great is, even though they are "things". They have a ton of sentimental value that you wouldn't want to part with, like something you may have bought at the store..

The Beck Bunch said...

I'll post ours next month! Yeah!