what a daddy does.

What does a Daddy do?

He makes time for fun.

He leads you by the hand.

He balances priorities.

He cheers you on.

He gives you money.  :)

He works alongside you.

He finds the humor in things when life stinks.

He helps you every step of the way.

He creates magical experiences.

He helps to shoulder your burdens.

He finds the teaching moments.

He loves you with all his heart!

We love you Connel, you do all these things and more...we couldn't ask for a better husband and father!


Of course, we can't wish a proper Father's Day without thanking our own Dads for their hard work, encouragement, sacrifice and love.  We love you both!  We're glad to call you both our Dad (and Grandpa)!

My Dad and I, Dec 2008
Hanna with Grandpa C, Dec 2010
Connel and his Dad, Dec 2008
Hannah and Grandpa P, June 2010


Brianna Tuckett said...

I LOVE all the pics Laura!! You have such a creative and good way of putting things!! :)

~ kietra ~ said...

Your blog ALWAYS makes me smile Laura! Amazing pictures!! What a treasure you have- you have quite the knack for seeing things and bringing them together. Congrats on your 7 year anniversary!!!

Harris said...

way cute idea laura and such a cute family! Hannah is such a doll! we miss ya tons!!