tomorrow is saturday.

Is anyone our there?  I mean in the blogging world?  Really, I feel like facebook is {({TAKING OVER})} (said in a very scary echo-y voice).   Really, I've spent way to much time on that website and I just know you have too!  

Right now I am going to blog all about me.  I want, I need, I love.  Here are my latest obsessions.

What I'm Watching.

The Mary Tyler Moore Show.  
 My parents had the 2nd season and I watched the whole thing in 3 days over Christmas and now I am watching the 1st season on hulu.  I love her clothes, oh, and did you know??? 70's is totally in (again) this spring.  YES!  I L.O.V.E. the 70's, bold colors, funky prints, denim, fur, spanish-style dresses!  I'd give them a valentine if I could!  I had a sick obsession with the 70's and disco music/dancing in high school.  It was a little weird.  In fact, cousin Doug and you remember dressing up 70's and learning to disco from that old record...then bringing the house down at the local stake dance in Idaho Falls?  That was, in a word..."funky"!  I should have kept those bright green bellbottoms!  Kidding...kidding.  

Just give me some wide-leg trousers and I'll be a happy girl!  Go retro!

What I'm Wearing.

Somebody linked to her and created a monster in me.  I love the way she dresses, she's cute, she's trendy.  She can pull off practically anything and I could hate her for it...but she's just one of those people that you can't hate, so... I can't.  Anyway, she's daring...and it's been awhile since I've been daring with what I wear!  It's fun!  I love this eclectic trend!  And her top 10 winter wardrobe essentials list has been my go to for clothing finds lately.   I found some denim shirts at Walmart for $1 quite awhile back and I thought, "Well, they're Miley Cyrus and so they have to be in style, right? HA!"...lo and behold, she helped me find a way to wear them... and I like it!

What I'm Listening to...

I fell in love with her song Gravity from one of her previous albums and so when my sis-in-law had this CD in her car over Christmas...I fell in love.  "Hold My Heart" is particularly melancholy and I love "Let the Rain".  I just love her blues-y chill voice. 

So that's me lately...and that's a wrap!  
Goodnight.  Tomorrow is Saturday and I hope I get to sleep in!


Lauren said...

Oh yes I LOVE sydney!!! and Sara B. Havent watched MTM thought I am catching up on House!

Facebook is taking over my life as well I literally leave the thing open ALL DAY and just stop in every so often just to chat with people. Its bad.

The Beck Bunch said...

I want some wide leg pants also!

Holly said...

You remind me a little of MTM! Cute & sweet Laura! I LOVE Sydney too! EEK! She is SO cute & as much as I want to I doubt I could pull off any of what she does! ;) Hope you have a great weekend!

Conger's said...

Sydney was in my last ward in Rexburg she is a fun spunky girl. Facebook is taking over the world... I love it and hate it all at the same time.

Sweet Em said...

Come back to Salem and lets go shopping at more consignment stores...

Melly Mae, Curt-dowg and B-$$ said...

ooohhhh forget facebook!! bloggin is so much better!!! umm... i have been digging saras new album as well. can't get enough!!! glad to see your bloggin again!!! i've missed reading your stuff!!!


Brianna Tuckett said...

I agree! The blogging world has been very much neglected due to Facebook. I think its because Facebook is so much quicker to update, view, everything! But I still LOVE the blogs so thanks for updating :)

Ashley said...

i purposefully do not have a facebook account. sorry we can't be facebook friends. =)
richard laughed really hard at your comment about that dance. he thinks you should have kept the bellbottoms too. =) forget skinny jeans! ok just kidding i really like them.
you look smokin' cute by the way! i love all the pictures and I'm so sorry we missed you for the holidays.
blast that vegas!

Spencer and Mackenzie said...

I love that you're back blogging!!

Editt said...

I started watching Mary Tyler Moore because of you. I grew up watching them sporadically so it was fun to watch them on hulu. I love this post because I love all the things you posted about.
(oh and here is my email to invite me to the hannah blog - edittlaw at gmail dot com Do you have an invite to mine?)

Ramsey said...

Hello wide leg trousers! I think we are going to get along just grand! Loooove the 70s look!