biggest loser {weeks nine, ten, eleven and ...}.

Sooooooo... we all know that I have been slacking in the posting of my Biggest Loser Challenge.  Yes, I am having a hard time keeping up with it, the diet I mean.  And it's somewhat embarrassing.  But, there have been lots of things I have learned from this "diet"...mostly about myself.  The main thing is that I have very little self control!  At least when it comes to food.  

However, I am not giving up or quitting!  You have not failed until you stop trying!!! Right?  I have been weighing in and trying to exercise daily, I do pretty good at the mealtime goals, but when it comes to the snacking and goodies...well, I admit I have a I said, Halloween was hard on me!  I want to learn to eat healthy and learn to finish something!  So, I am continuing with a new resolve and I have worked out 4 days out of the week already---an hour each time!   

But seriously, if I was on the BIGGEST Loser TV show, I would have been kicked off a LOOOONG time ago!!! :)
Anyway, here are the stats from the last 3 weigh ins...

The goal for week 8 was to Stop and think about why you are eating. Are you really hungry??  Don't eat and watch TV or read. Concentrate on your food. Stop eating after you are 80% full and wait 20 minutes. See if you are still hungry after those 20 minutes.

I am okay with this most of the time.  It seems to work well and I feel full sooner, meaning I eat less!  P.S. I used the "put your fork down and chew your food" method a couple times and it seemed to work well, AND it helped me look like less of a pig.

I lost .8 lbs!
I weighed in at 132.2 lbs
All my waist, hip, thigh measurements stayed the same.


The goal for week 9 was do not go out to eat. And if you do, only eat half of your meal.  

We didn't go out to eat (luckily that was the week before!  hee hee!) but we did get pizza.  Oh blessed I despise and love you at the same time!  I have always been able to eat a LOT of pizza.  In 4th grade I went to a birthday party and ate 8 pieces of pizza and won a contest for who could eat the most pizza...That is an entire medium pizza folks!
I can eat a LOT of pizza and I LOVE IT!  But, it is NOT GOOD FOR YOU!  However, I have discovered that if I eat a larger sized salad BEFORE I eat the pizza, I can only eat about 2 pieces.  And salad is good for you!  Anyway, just saying that pizza is a weakness and we DID have pizza, I continued well with the other things, but I have eaten lots of pizza.  Not so good.

I gained 1.8 lbs.
I weighed in at 134 lbs.

The goal for week 10 was 
Week 10: Eat more salad. Put the dressing on the side and use one with low calories. Also no croutons and more walnuts or sunflower seeds. Remember to put lots of veggies on it!  
 I did well with this, including the part about lots of veggies.  But...I love Ranch dressing, and that's all I have to say about that.
I lost .6 lbs.
I weighed in at 133.4 lbs.
By the way, my measurements are NOT moving at all.

Well anyway, there's not much of a change to report from three weeks ago, except that I do feel the DESIRE to work out.  I wasn't feeling that.  And I WANT to drink water.  I eat fairly good breakfasts.  Beside special occasions I have been VERY good at not eating after 7 PM.  And I have been doing well with taking my time when I eat.

So, I am really close and I feel like I have lost some bad habits so far!  Yay!

Well, here's the challenge for week 11:
Substitute higher calorie foods for lower.  Sour Cream-Plain yogurt, Sugar-Honey, Butter-Smart Balance spread, Cream-Milk, Noodles-Spaghetti squash, Eggs-Egg beater, Oils in baking-Applesauce

What about you?  Are you still doing this?  Are you doing well?  Have you lost much?  Are you gaining or are you a BIG LOSER? :)


Anonymous said...

Ummmmm....I fell off the bandwagon a LONG time ago...and I've done terrible with all the stinking Halloween candy...BUT I'm not giving up either :)

Brianna Tuckett said...

I'm glad that this is helping you, even if you're not seeing the weight loss you want to. Tha can be soooooo frustrating, but keep at it because eventually it will pay off!! :) Another substitution you can do is don't buy noodles, rice, or bread that says "enriched" on it. Instead buy whole grain pasta (which is actually pretty good), brown rice (or they just came out with a white rice that's NOT enriched! Can't wait to try that!! =]), and whole grain breads :)

Trapper and Suzy said...

At least you're still trying! That says something. I can't say much. I didn't even start. haha And you know how much control I have over eating. ZILCH! We've finally finished off our ice cream cake. And we just started working out again. Time to get back in the habit. Although, I've realized someting weird about myself and I'm not sure where this has come from, but when I do well for about a week or two and I start to see results and my body is getting toned, my mind says, "Ok, you're fact, you need to stop and go eat a few cookies." I'm not sure if I feel comfortable being completely buff. lol Is that weird?