biggest loser {week eight}.

This week I weighed in at

Gained none, lost none.

But, I did lose one inch.

However, I need to step it up...

I have a goal of losing 15 lbs.  I have only lost 3!

So, the next month I am going to make sure that I am not eating any junk food, NONE!

If you offer it to me, don't be offended if I decline. 
 (Halloween is going to be rough.)

What's the challenge for Week 8?
Stop and think about why you are eating. Are you really hungry??  Don't eat and watch TV or read. Concentrate on your food. Stop eating after you are 80% full and wait 20 minutes. See if you are still hungry after those 20 minutes.

(sorry this post is REALLY LATE!  I thought I had posted it already!)


Sweet Em said...

You know...maybe you don't really need to lose weight. And also, I think your boobs look fine.

Trapper and Suzy said...

lol I's my fault! Dah! I'm sorry. I figured if I am eating all this junk food I need a friend to make fat as well. That's totally a joke. I will stop with the treats. : )

The only suggestion I can give is to buck up and get your heiny up every morning to work out. I'm starting over this week myself. Boo...

Honestly though, I think if you stay consistent with the things you've been learning, the weight will slowly start to come off. Even still, an inch is an inch! Way to go!

Brianna Tuckett said...

ANother trick I heard to help keep you from overeating is to put your fork down between EVERY bit and make sure and chew your food at least 10 times. This makes you eat slower so that you will feel full quicker :) Good luck!!