do you ever feel like this?

Do you ever feel like you have to do everything?  

What I mean is, do you ever feel like the world expects so much of you?  

For instance, lately I have been feeling like in order to be a good wife and mother I need to:

have my house clean at all times, 
cook amazing meals made from scratch, 
craft the life out of my scissors and glue gun, 
refurbish every piece of furniture in my house, 
piece and sew a king size quilt, 
go thrifting every Thursday, 
lose 20 lbs in 20 days, 
clip coupons and spend only $10 on this weeks groceries, 
get a masters degree, 
be involved and make a stand in politics and current events, 
redecorate my entire house, 
prepare for a natural disaster, 
plant a garden, 
take the most awesome and best photos ever...

...and make a witty tutorial on my blog about how I did all of it... 

...all while trying to spend time with my husband and child, complete the daily to do list and try to get some sleep.

Ever feel that way?

I've had a few reminders lately of what's most important...

Ashley Sullenger who lost her baby in July wrote a post on her blog answering the question, Is there anything you would have done differently?  If you have a, make it a POINT to read it.  Especially watch this video she made:

These videos:

...and this quote that I read on The Polished Pickle:

“Whatever the era, whatever the times, one thing will never change: Fathers and mothers, if you have children, they must come first. You must read to your children and you must hug your children and you must love your children. Your success as a family, our success as a society, depends not on what happens in the White House but on what happens inside your house.”
("Text of Mrs. Bush's Speech," Washington Post, June 2, 1990)

I don't have to feel guilty  taking time for cleaning and cooking, it's fun to craft and take pictures, I'm still doing the BIGGEST loser challenge, and as I love spending time decorating my house...

...but I can spend more time remembering what's most important.

...and less time living up to the world's expectations.


The Beck Bunch said...

Thank you so much for sharing this! I've been feeling the same way.

MAK said...

If you can have this learned now your better off cause it just get's harder. This is ment to be encouragement even though it probly doesn't sound that way.

jamerlou said... house is not clean. But we went to the park today and I spent time with my Dad so I mark it as a success. Liked the videos! Thanks!

Tanya said...

love it!!! Thanks Laura, I needed that, I've been feeling like a crazy mad lady lately trying to do everything and get everything done!

Brianna Tuckett said...

I think its easy to feel overwhelmed like that no what your situation in life is. I know that I sometimes feel very stressed, over worked, underpaid, and underappreciated. It is in those times that I really suffer not because of the things I'm trying to accomplish, but because I have allowed myself to become self-centered and focus on my woes and troubles. It is in these times that my husband and the relationship I have with him and others gets neglected. I truly suffer only when I forget my priorites and what is truly important in life. Thank you for this reminder Laura! It is so easy to get overwhelmed with life. You do a great work and a wonderful job at it. I could tell just from the small time I spent with you and Hannah that your little girl is loved and your family loves you right back. :) Thanks again.

Lauren said...

this is SO crazy, I read a polished pickle, (now chaotic momentum) know Ashley from the burg and followed Preslee's story from day 1, AND my cousin is in the video eternal partnership with god video
Laura- you are my blog soul mate!
small world. im glad i found your blogs my mama has said forever how awesome they are