sod sensory activity.

I'd have to say that by far a sensory table is my favorite child's toy. A sensory can keep a child entertained for at least an hour. The possiblities are endless. You can have a messy activity or an activity that's easy to clean up. Either way, your child is having fun and learning through play.

I'd love to try this idea...

Sensory: Sod
*allergy alert

  • piece of grass sod small or large enough to fit your sensory table (if you don't have a sensory table, you can use a dish pan or medium sized Rubbermaid container)
  • scissors (for grass cutting)
  • watering can
  • spade, hand rake
  • towel, old bed sheet, or large trash bags to cover the floor beneath the child
  • a few play animals or people for the kids to play with "in the grass"
Throw it in the sensory tub and let them have a blast, be sure not to leave them unattended with the scissors.

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