earth day activity.

Why did I feel extremely self-conscious this morning as I took two very large plastic laundry bottles out to the dumpster?



...and I didn't recycle... :(

Today thought I would give you a fun activity to do with your kids...

I am teaching 2 year olds right now, and today we are making "Coffee Filter Earths"

coffee filters
green marker*
blue marker*
small spray bottle filled with water

Let your kiddos color on the coffee filters however they wish, using the green and blue markers. It's best if they color the entire filter. When they are done, let them spray their filter with water and watch the colors bleed and combine with one another, creating an Earth! (It's okay if there are small white areas left on the filter, it will just look like clouds!)
*You can also use drops of food coloring on the coffee filter instead of blue and green marker.

Just a note for my cute little Mormon friends: Don't be weird about buying coffee filters--they are good for so many more things than coffee (not to mention they are way cheap and you get a ton!)
  • crafts (butterflies, flowers, and rainbows)
  • serving snacks like popcorn and crackers
  • covering food dishes in the microwave
  • 72-hours kits (for filtering water)
  • cleaning glass windows and mirrors
  • placing at the bottom of a potted plant so the dirt will not come out the little holes at the bottom!
Click Here for some great tips if you want to help SAVE the EARTH today!

P.S. I was feeling like a hypocryte and so I just went and fished the laundry bottles out of the garbage, so that I can recycle them...aren't you proud of me?


Anonymous said...

That is such a cute idea! I may just have to do that today with my boys! I need to be better at recycling...guess today's a good day to start :)

Brianna and Rusty Tuckett said...

I like the idea of using the coffee filters to keep the soil in the pot for my flowers! I'm going to have to use that! Thanks for the tips :)

Terra said...

I LOVE coffee filters! I use them for tons of things. Jared doesn't like it when I pull them out in front of other LDS people but I think thats silly. They are incredibly useful and cheap like they said

SwEaRiKa said...

Wow! What great ways to use coffee filters! Thanks for the info! And I sent you an e-mail by the way. Did you get it?

Brooks said...

hehe, you make me laugh Laura. I have the same kind of guilty conscience you do!

C.B. said...

Hee hee! I'm so proud of you! I started recycling about a month ago!

Tanya said...

haha you went through the garbage!? that's funny! Thanks for the coffee filter ideas I'm totally gonna go buy some now for those craft ideas...Chloe would love it :)