decluttered sidebar.

A simple, uncluttered sidebar brings peace to the mind and tranquility to the soul. My blogging friend Heather @ The Coterie had an awesome idea for getting rid of huge lists on your blog sidebar. And...If you haven't noticed, I've decluttered! Just click the little link buttons and you'll find my links! I am so happy about it. It's almost like I just took a bunch of things laying around and put them in a cute little bin or something! Feels good. It didn't even take me that long, this is how i did it...

1. Created a button in Photoshop.
2. Created a new post:
  • Copied and pasted the long list of links on my sidebar to the post (copying and pasting it only works with the "link list" gadget and not with the "blog list" gadget, for the latter, you have to create a link to each and every little blog)
  • Changed the post date to before my very first post.
  • Posted it.
3. Added a "picture" gadget to my sidebar. Make sure to add the URL to the individual post I created!
4. Whalah... a clean and organized sidebar. Yay for simplicity!


~ kietra ~ said...

SO smart!! Thank you for sharing.. I will do that!! :)

Penny Hughes, Founding Consultant with Heritage Makers said...

well aren't you miss fancy pants!

Holly said...

This is awesome! Just what I need to do! Thanks for the tutorial, hopefully I get around to it soon! :) PS Loving your playlist right now!!

hanna terrill said...

I am diggen the music!! Thanks for the tip.

Sweet Em said...

LOL - I wanted to also say that I love this song on your playlist - Aaron and I open this page and let the song play over and over. I'm mean sure, its a bit risque with the "bunnies" and the spooning but we'll over look that ;)